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Custom Homes

The Building Process

Use the menu below to follow the process we will use for building your new home!

Step 1: Initial Meeting

This meeting is an opportunity for you to get to know more about us and our business. We point out that no question is off limits because we want you to feel comfortable and confident in doing business with us. This meeting also allows us to figure out what your visions are for your dream home. We discuss the price range, size, and characteristics of your future home. With JB Elite Construction you can use your own home plan or we can work with you to design a home that is uniquely yours. You may determine your own financing options or we can recommend a number of excellent lenders we’ve worked with in the past.

Step 2: Design Phase

JB Elite Construction will assist you in selecting the best design so you can smoothly transfer your ideas onto paper. Our team will assist you in choosing colors and materials that reflect your personal style while still being practical and cost-efficient. JB Elite Construction will work closely with you in order to provide the most value for your investment. We will also provide you with an estimated cost of construction near the completion of this stage.

Step 3: Bid Phase

After your custom home has been designed, the materials chosen, and the specification sheets are complete, we submit your specific plan for bid. JB Elite Construction has aligned itself with the area’s finest tradesmen and suppliers ensuring the highest degree of quality and service while maintaining competitive prices.

Step 4: Presentation of the Product

After the estimates have been collected, JB Elite Construction will provide you with a final price to construct your home. We will review the specifications sheet submitted to the sub-contractors and suppliers during the bidding process. We will also highlight and explain the allowances for different products and services. JB Elite Construction takes great pride in providing our customers with extremely sufficient allowances. At this time, we will also point out to you a tentative timeline for the construction of your custom home.

Step 5: Contract Signing

A contract and purchase agreement must be signed before construction begins on your home. This meeting is an opportunity for us to answer any questions that you may have. JB Elite Construction will explain the warranty that is included with the construction of the home. We will also provide you with a construction flow-chart which includes the construction schedule and a schedule for when product decisions need to be made.

Step 6: Construction Phase

This phase is where the actual construction of your home takes place. JB Elite Construction intends for this process to be stress-free and enjoyable. The flow-chart determined in the previous meeting will help you keep on task with remaining decisions and will also keep you aware of how your house is progressing.

Step 7: Pre-Closing Meeting

Upon completion of your home, JB Elite Construction will give you a complete orientation of your beautiful new home. We will point out the many features of your new home including the products in it. We will provide you with a home maintenance and care sheet which explains how to properly care for your new home. We will thoroughly explain the warranty that comes with the home and answer any questions you may have before you move in. We are confident you will enjoy your new home.

Final Step: 360 Day Check-Up

JB Elite Construction will make contact with you approximately 11 months after the closing date to see if there are any issues with the home that are covered by the provided warranty. JB Elite Construction will coordinate with the specific sub-contractors and suppliers and come up with a plan to resolve any remaining issues while having a minimal effect on your lifestyle.

Rest assured our sub-contractors are only those who we would trust to work on our own home.  Most are local family businesses. These are craftsmen known to be the best in their trade and are proud of the work they do. Many have been working with JB Elite construction for several years. Each sub-contractor has passed the high quality control of Jeff Boos before being allowed the opportunity to work on our projects. They enjoy working with us because we expect quality, cost-effective jobs, just as they do. Working efficiently, productively, and predictably, they get the job done right the first time.